About Dr. Karen Jacobson

Do you want the “Cliff Notes” or the “Whole Megillah”

The Cliff Notes Version

Israeli Military Commander. Doctor. Champion Ballroom Dancer.  What these have in common isn’t the what, it’s the WHO.  Dr. Karen Jacobson integrates her diverse background into her personal brand as a Keynote Speaker into corporate events, state and national conferences, including team training.

With more than 30 years of training experience, Dr. Karen mesmerizes audiences with her high-caliber presentation-style while relating her ground-breaking framework regarding communication in the face of adversity and arduous military training then later becoming an award-winning Ballroom dancer.

As an expert in communication, Dr. Karen Jacobson is the creator of the “High-Performance Triad” a trademark-pending effective strategy for creating YOUR highest edge. Your audience will leave energized and armed with an arsenal of new skill sets and tools to provide lasting transformation


The Whole Megillah

Dr. Karen Jacobson is a high-performance strategist, speaker, and author. She has worked with over 2,000 clients—from health professionals to CEOs, best-selling authors, and national radio hosts.

She has shared her high-performance message on and off the stage with thousands around the world since 1992.  Her wisdom can be found in multiple books, including Change Your World and the international bestseller Ready, Aim, Inspire!

Growing up in a war-torn country under constant threat of terror attacks, have taught her how to think and operate under extreme circumstances. Those skills prepared her for her service as a Noncommissioned Officer in the Israeli Defense Force while also having to cope with an auto-immune disease, Systemic Lupus.

After naturally healing herself from Lupus thru chiropractic care, she pursued her own career as a chiropractor. Dr. Jacobson built a thriving practice until a head-on collision had forced her to go on disability.  Dr. Karen did not allow that to stop her, she was determined to fight her way back.  She moved across the country, started all over and built another successful practice.

Heavily involved in community and professional associations, Dr. Jacobson served as District Director of the New York Chiropractic Council.  Dr. Karen made history as the first female Arizona State Representative elected to the International Chiropractors Association Assembly.

After 24 years in healthcare, Dr. Jacobson retired from her practice to dedicate her services to show High Performers how to break through the slump and get back to the top of their game.

Her experience gained from running two successful practices has positioned as a highly sought after strategic expert to business owners seeking growth.  Dr. Jacobson has translated her unique skill sets into High-Performance programs for leaders and companies who want the most productive, positive and empowered employees.

Dr. Karen is riveting as she shares her personal stories regarding serious health challenges, adversity, and military to becoming a champion Ballroom dancer. She will leave your audience inspired while keeping them on the edge of their seats.

Dr. Karen is masterful as she imparts her “High-Performance Triad”, her personal strategy for creating your highest performing edge. Your audience will leave energized and armed with an “arsenal” of new skill sets and tools to provide lasting transformation.

Contact Dr. Jacobson to book her for your next event and let her inspire you to play full out and perform at the top of your game!


“She has an amazing presence in the room and captivates the audience with her storytelling.She walks her talk which makes her a great asset. ”                          Lisa Rehurek Business Strategist

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