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FOUNDER & CEO | Dr. Karen Jacobson
FOUNDER & CEO | Dr. Karen Jacobson

Dr. Karen Jacobson, founder and CEO of Aligned Leadership Academy is a former Israeli military commander and competitive Ballroom Dancer. An expert in neuroscience and human potential, who stepped away from her Chiropractic practice to pursue her passion of working with organizations providing them a competitive edge by developing their leaders and High-Performance teams. 

Growing up in a war-torn country Dr. Karen faced many difficulties and she draws from those lessons to diffuse tense situations. Her years in private chiropractic practice taught her dedication and allowed her to master the art of diagnosing problems in order to deliver top-notch results by creating out of the box solutions.

Her determination taught her that there is always a way to work around things and find a solution. She shares those principles with your organization by providing strategies and stretching their thinking, challenging them to think differently.

While her military training brought with it strategic thinking and discipline it provided and the skillsets to lead teams in the direction of their success; her experience as an award-winning competitive ballroom dancer draws out her ability to deliver a message in a dynamic, engaging fashion that will captivate your audience.

In addition to her top selling book tip book, Power Conversations, Dr. Karen offers more than just information; she brings about experiences and transformation. Her events provide the audience with the mindset, skillsets and actionable tools to create immediate change in their habits, behavior and communication. As a result, that will lead to higher engagement, better relationships and translate into increased productivity and improved performance affecting the company bottom line.