Books by Dr. Karen Jacobson

 Power Conversations – New Book by Dr. Karen Jacobson

How do you build trust with someone that you’ve just met?  What’s in a handshake?
Those are some of the fundamentals that help us as individuals to connect with people.
While some people might have natural communication skills, others may not, those are core skills that easy to learn if we pay attention and make the effort to practice them regularly.
This book offers you quick tips and strategies that cover both verbal and nonverbal communication skills; from the minute you meet someone new and you create a great first impression to building long-term, lasting connections. It is easy to follow and easy to implement. So go ahead, dive in and play full out!

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Ready, Aim, Inspire! features Dr. Karen Jacobson

An International bestseller offers a wealth of priceless knowledge from world-renowned experts in the areas of coaching, marketing, writing and publishing. Enjoy 46 powerful interviews featuring Dr. Joe Vitale from The Secret, Morgana Rae, Money Relationship Magnet, Bert Martinez, Marketing Guru, and Dr. Karen Jacobson, High-Performance Strategist & Family Chiropractor.  Their life stories are filled with wit, humor and life-transforming advice. They will leave you filled with hope and inspiration.

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Dr. Karen Jacobson featured story in Miracles Happen

Angel on a highway places Dr. Karen Jacobson in her second book and a first-time author in the acclaimed series “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.  In an engaging story, sprinkled with humor she shares the accounts of a miraculous event that happened to her when she was stranded on the highway on a rainy day.

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Dr. Karen Jacobson, author debuts in Change Your World

Change Your World so you can change the world is the message behind this co-author compilation book put together by the Public Speakers Association.  Join Dr. Karen Jacobson and 17 other authors as they share their wisdom, experience and knowledge.  Filled with engaging life stories in areas of health, personal development, public speaking and business the book is a must-read for those choosing to grow and move beyond their current boundaries and make a difference in the world.

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Dr. Karen Jacobson Co-Author of New International Bestseller – Success in Beauty

Success in Beauty – Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment & Happiness is a roadmap designed to empower women of all ages to be more inspired, more confident and ready to take immediate action on pursuing and achieving their ideal goals, passions and dreams.

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