Your body is self healing and while stress leads to Dis-Ease & breakdown.  Given the right circumstances you can heal your body, mind and spirit naturally.  In the April 18, 2014 episode of  “Hello Dr. CJ” Radio show, titled “The keys to unlock Your Inner healer”, co-host Stephanie Martin interviews High Performance coach and family chiropractor Dr. Karen Jacobson on the role of mindset in health and healing.

Dr. Karen draws from her own life changing experience of healing naturally from systemic lupus and shares with you the keys to creating a happy healthy life, naturally.

Dr. Karen will show you how the power of your mindset can make all the difference between creating health or sickness and how your lifestyles habits can lead to a lifetime of Wellness.

Discover the 4 keys to Unlock your ultimate potential in health: (free e-book)

  1. Mindset for Success
  2. Personal Fitness plan
  3. Balanced nutrition
  4. Proper nerve supply


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