Today is a bitter sweet day. My emotions are all mixed up, if tears could show up on a computer, mine would be flooded.

Today I see my last several patients and retire from my chiropractic practice.
I’ve been thinking about this this day for quite a while now, unsure of what it would look like and when exactly it would take place. I knew it was coming, yet to be honest there was a part of me that procrastinated.

How do you some up almost 24 years of your life?

Through the years there have been many ups and downs in my practice.
I’ve taken care of people in two different ends of the country, New York and Arizona. I didn’t always love every moment, yet I’ve always loved taking care of people knowing what I do could change their lives.
I’ve been fortunate that even after my car accident and a year of disability I was able to return to what I had loved and continue to serve the community at the highest level.

When I felt the calling years ago to become a chiropractor and healer, I imagine myself practicing my art for many years to come. I always approached healing as mind body Spirit. Whenever patient would come in, I would address the emotional spiritual side of their health if they were open to that.

Through the years many of my patients had come to me for guidance and counsel, something I guess bartenders & doctors have in common…
I never imagined that that aspect of my practice would continue to grow within me to create a new calling. Yet it did.

3 1/2 years ago I launched my High-Performance Living platform. I began with coaching and mentorship programs both personal and business; as my purpose has grown so has my platform.

For quite a while I have been juggling both businesses, knowing one day I will have to make a decision to let go of one of them. Recently more opportunities for speaking and coaching have been showing up.
About a month ago, as I was sitting in my car, it came to me loud and clear. “Karen, it is time to step up!
It is time to play full out and take my speaking and High Performance platform to the next level.

When faced with big decisions, I tell my clients to listen to their heart and do what is right for them and their future and their own wellbeing. Who would I be if I didn’t walk my own talk?

As I follow my heart and answer my next calling, I stand and trust, knowing that what lies ahead is greater than what I’ve even imagined. Truth be told, in chiropractic we talk about Trauma- Toxins-Thoughts as the cause of Dis-ease & disease. Mindset is key to health, so in a way what I am doing now is still a form of chiropractic; it’s just the adjustment above the neck…

– I’m grateful for all the opportunities, those that I’ve had and those coming.
– I’m grateful for the people who have stood by me for the past 24 years.
– I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to touch so many lives.
– For all my wonderful patients, you are always going to be in my heart,
I know I’m leaving you in good hands.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone that has been part of my amazing chiropractic journey.

Since I grew up in Israel and speak Hebrew, we don’t say goodbye, only
“I will see you again!”

I love you all,

Dr. Karen

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