Scottsdale, AZ,  January 2018  Dr. Karen Jacobson releases the first edition of her book Power Conversations – Creating First Impressions to Lasting Connections. The book is the first of three books that make up The High-Performance Triad Series.

The “High-Performance Triad”, is Dr. Karen Jacobson’s cutting-edge strategy with its foundation centered on Leadership-Language-LifeStyle designed to provide you with the mindset, skillsets and habits that unlock your potential and create your ultimate performing edge.

The High-Performance Triad addresses the three values of Leadership-Language-Lifestyle. In her strategy mastering, those values is required for any individual to perform at the top of their game. Dr. Jacobson draws her expertise from her diverse background starting with her service in the military, building successful chiropractic practices in two different states as well as her expertise in behavior, communication and human potential. She adds a unique dimension as a performer and award-winning competitive Latin ballroom champion.

Power Conversations examines the role your communication plays in building your foundation for successful relationships. It sheds light on the effects of your verbal and non-verbal communication, your language and choice of words. It also shows you how different personality types will connect, how to master influence and how to avoid conflict.

Power Conversations is a great guide for any individual, team or company looking to master their communication skills and uplevel their relationships. The book is a great add-on tool for events and can be purchased in bulk. Get your copy here

The doctor is IN! Whatever your communications style is, Dr. Karen Jacobson has the perfect prescription to elevate your skills to the next level. Communication is a big part of leadership, so reading this book will give you the tools to communicate with anyone…and have fun doing it!

Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Speaker, Author and Part-Time Cowboy

Relevant, direct and to the point. If you are looking to elevate your business or your personal relationships while mastering high-performance communication skills this book is your “how to” guide!”

Elizabeth McCormick, Former US Army Black Hawk Pilot, Motivational Speaker specializing in Sales & Leadership

“Awesome tip book for enhancing communication skills.Great read! It’s an excellent book that breaks down simple points of communication from a complex web of interaction to simple strands and to practice techniques that sometimes we all forget…Must have book for every working professional!”

Dominick Nardone CEO Saviar, INC, management consulting - holding company

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