Ready-Aim-Inspire2An International bestseller offers a wealth of priceless knowledge from world-renowned experts in the areas of coaching, marketing, writing and publishing. Enjoy 46 powerful interviews featuring Dr. Joe Vitale from The Secret, Morgana Rae, Money Relationship Magnet, Bert Martinez, Marketing Guru, and Dr. Karen Jacobson, High Performance Strategist & Family chiropractor.  Their life stories are filled with wit, humor and life transforming advice. They will leave you filled with hope and inspiration.

Rave reviews :

“A Wonderful Source of Inspiration and Motivation! Ready, Aim, Inspire! is a great collection of the coauthors’ recollections of failure, setbacks, success, reinvention, passion, purpose and resilience. Everyone who has heard of Joe Vitale may not know that before his success, he was homeless. This book is a testimonial to how unsinkable the human spirit is.” – P.  Murphy

50 stories to inspire and ignite your passion to live your “quantum endeavor – living your great life doing your great work. Are you ready to choose your inspirational path? Viki Winterton pulled together 50 great stories illustrating what is possible for you when you do in her new book, Ready, Aim, Inspire!: Live By Choice, Not By Chance, To Reach Your Highest Self. Download your copy today!” – Ann Farrell, Master Executive Coach & Champion

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