In Hebrew it’s not goodbye, only I’ll see you again!

Today is a bitter sweet day. My emotions are all mixed up, if tears could show up on a computer, mine would be flooded. Today I see my last several patients and retire from my chiropractic practice. I’ve been thinking about this this day for quite a while now,...

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Dr. Karen Jacobson on Success & Beauty Talk Radio

Host Charlotte Howard interviews Dr. Karen Jacobson on her talk show Success and Beauty. This episode aired live on October 7, 2014. Charlotte and Dr. Karen were discussing the principles of high performance living and how you can tap into your ultimate potential. At...

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Dr. Jacobson on Eat Great Live Well radio

Are you a High Performer looking to bring more energy and vitality into your life and business? Do you have the right mindset for success? Elevate your performance by Being F.I.T. learn the key strategies of Focus, Intention  and Transformation as they affect your in...

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Dr. Karen Jacobson on “Hello Dr. CJ” Radio show

Your body is self healing and while stress leads to Dis-Ease & breakdown.  Given the right circumstances you can heal your body, mind and spirit naturally.  In the April 18, 2014 episode of  “Hello Dr. CJ” Radio show, titled “The keys to unlock...

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