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Leaders show up in different ways. The stronger and more centered you are within yourself the more you have the ability to influence those around you.

You must first be able to lead your own life before you can lead others. In this program, you will discover your inner leader and set the P.A.C.E that will lead your life in the direction of your dreams, your goals and your passions.

You will walk away with the tools; mindset and skillset to play at the top of your game and lead your team to greater success.


Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever seen a team member lose their cool because their buttons got pushed? What if they knew how to manage their emotions better? How would it affect team morale and productivity?

In today’s business world your Interpersonal relationship skills will help you climb up the leadership ladder faster than your IQ and work skills. Emotional Intelligence, EI is becoming one of the key topics taught in the business world. From mindset to skillset, this program will give you the tools to identify your triggers and manage your emotions so you can take your relationships to the next level.

Learn how to better control your moods, discover how to stay calm even in the midst of chaos, reduce your stress level and support those around you.


With five generations in today’s marketplace and workforce, we are in a unique situation we’ve never been before. From communication differences to lifestyle habits and technology changes Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen-Xers, Millennials and Gen Z all speak different languages.

The best way to build both a strong team internally and a strong presence in the community is to find the common ground by building bridges through mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance.

Programs cover topics ranging from world views and pop culture to generational approach to finance, healthcare, marketing. They are customizable to your industry and can be used for business Continuing Education (CE).

Team Development

Are your team members challenged with identifying their roles, taking on responsibilities and trusting each other? Do they lack the focus, drive and motivation to perform at their best and achieve company goals?

You deserve to work with a High-Performance team that can get the job done, a team that fully embraces the company’s values and is fully engaged in its vision, a team built on trust, open communication and collaboration.

Our ALIGN process will provide your team with the tools and skillsets to maximize their potential, improve collaboration and increase their impact.

Program & Workshop Topics – Half Day to Full Day Programs

Aligned Leadership Academy was founded on the idea that everyone has a leader inside.
We simply must align to discover what those leadership skills are and awaken them to their full potential.

Discover new tools and customized programs for unlocking high performance teams.

  • Talk to Me in My Language – The Secrets to Overcoming Diversity issues
  • Influence Mastery– Art of Negotiation, Persuasion and Conflict Resolution
  • High-Performance Leadership – Setting the P.A.C.E of a Leader
  • The Secret Language of Engagement – Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • You Got Audience, Now What? – Essentials of Presenting and Speaking