Rave Reviews

Stephan-Schafeitel-127x150“Dr. Karen Jacobson truly is gifted when it comes to coaching others. She positively impacts everyone she interacts with on a daily basis. She demonstrates the desire to continue to grow and evolve by consistently learning new and innovative techniques, like Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching techniques, so that  she can constantly offer to her clients the most cutting-edge techniques used in the human transformation industry. She always puts her clients first! Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Dr. Karen will be nothing short of highly impressed.”

Stephan Schafeitel – International NLP Trainer & Master  NLPCoaching

jeff-faladen-154x195“I had the pleasure of experiencing Dr Karen Jacobson facilitate and oversee a coaching training of up and coming coaches. She has an infectious passion for drawing out the best in those around her. Empowered with an incredible wealth of knowledge in the Wellness field sets Dr. Karen Jacobson apart from other coaches. The resources she shared with me, literally changed my life beyond what I thought was possible. It is not only my pleasure, but also an honor, to highly recommend her as a coach for anyone interested in pursuing a better quality of life.”

 Jeff Faldalen – Founder of California Success Coaching

photo3-e1381368317205“As Owner and Host of the Healthy U TV Show (HUTV) I’ve worked alongside Dr. Karen Jacobson for many years.  Her ability to connect her passion for health and healing is astounding. I’ve personally witnessed Dr. Karen on many occasions and have seen her help so many with her expertise in NLP, Timeline Therapy, Coaching, etc. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

– Mary Heitmeyer Owner/Host Healthy U TV Show www.HealthyUTVShow.com

“My experience with Dr. Jacobson has been wonderful beyond measure. I’ve had a lot of life changes. I came in for one thing and I’m getting the world. I’m looking forward to even more and more. The issue we first dealt with was anger. I had a lot of anger and it was building through the years and it was getting pretty nasty for me. When that was actually dealt with my reactions are different, it’s so freeing. I am grateful forever. There’s even more down the road. We also dealt with love and being able to love myself, that was a really big thing for me too. Just standing here today is because that was dealt with. I’m just excited, it’s a ride  I don’t want to get off! ”

– Mary Jane Short

“My sister Queens and I had a session with Dr. J before we went to Nationals. Her session gave me more confidence and connection with my sister Queens. At the same time, I learned about my goals and what I wanted to achieve. It helped us all when we came to nationals. We were prepared and had a really good positive perspective. I know for me personally when I went to Nationals I was able to use what I learned and also be more confident in myself. The number one takeaway that I got from that session was not to say that I can’t do something but to say I can do it and work it in that way!”

–  Maddie Rose Holler, Miss Junior Teen Arizona 2012

 Mary Jane Short Video Testimonial

 Maddie Rose Holler, Miss Junior Teen Arizona 2012

Rachel-204x300“I first went to see Dr. Jacobson the week before I competed in the Miss United States Pageant. I was becoming more and more nervous about the pageant, and was starting to feel overwhelmed with all of the pressure. However, Dr. Jacobson taught me how to channel that nervousness into positive energy –focusing on the future, my phenomenal support system, and the love of my pageant sisters. Dr. Jacobson made me feel more at ease, and always kept my thinking positive during the entire experience. Even till this day, I find myself employing the techniques that she taught me whether it’s at school, at my job, or appearances.”

– Rachel Dyckman, Miss Arizona United States 2012
Brenda-Hyland_628601-146x195Dr Karen has the rare ability to listen deeply, focus and intuitively get to the bottom line truth. And she does it with a big heart. So much wonderful information downloaded regarding my situation in a short amount of time – its as though she tuned in like one would tune into a specific radio station. She has the uncanny knack of creating breakthroughs in a short period of time – 1 session. For that, I am so grateful to her.

 Brenda Hyland, Women On Wellness – The WOW Factor


Rizalde_Bio_Photo-1-150x150“Dr. Jacobson was emotionally and intellectually motivating.  She has an amazing gift for listening and hearing your TRUE message as well as being generous in sharing information and ideas of how to overcome your roadblocks or limitations that you may set for yourself.  She truly inspired our Get Image Ready Team to see our unlimited potential.”

Rizalde Sherwood  Lead Photographer for Get Image Ready

Meria_Bio_Photo-150x150“I had a session with Dr. J to clear up some anger issues I was having. I was amazed at how powerful, fun and to the point it was. In one session I realized things that had been buried in my subconscious for years and was able to clear it. I highly recommend people who are suffering from any type of issue to book a session/s right away. You can stop carrying around old beliefs and memories that no longer serve you and become 100% authentic and live a happier life.”

 Meria Heller Producer/Host The Meria Heller Show

Dena_Blo_Photo-150x150“With Timeline Therapy I quickly completed some lingering past issues which allowed me to move forward with velocity! Dr. Jacobson loves what she does and it shows! ”

 Dena Patton, Author , Speaker, Entrepreneur Dena Patton


Cindy_Bio_Photo-150x150“Dr. Karen Jacobson takes great joy in pinpointing, processing and releasing past and present “hang-ups” so that her patients gently and easily awaken to Love, Joy, Truth, Empowerment and Peace. I have experienced Dr. Jacobson’s personal, professional and group coaching sessions and share with confidence that whatever your goal is in life, Dr. Jacobson has the tools, the experience and the desire to help you identify and realize what the “Best” you is capable of! ”

– Cindy Christi, Producer, Owner CXI Media and Get Image Ready