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Most Requested Keynote

Does Your Leadership Need an Adjustment?

ALIGN Yourself for Maximum Impact.

Every top performer has a mission- one they have accepted. Success is created through planning, mindset, and hyperfocus. Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or hitting the wall, can lead to procrastination and diminished productivity- and who wants that? In this extraordinarily energetic keynote, former Israeli Army Commander, Dr. Karen Jacobson deciphers the stealth secrets of the processes behind those who rise up so you can elevate too.

In this presentation, your audience will:

  • Discover the High-Performance strategies that create your winning edge
  • Learn how to overcome Four performance distractors to maintain your focus and improve your productivity
  • Conquer a high-performer mindset and attitude that keeps you motivated towards success


EQ over IQ – The Art and Science of Engagement

Your IQ or EQ – which one holds the power to help you become a more effective leader? In today’s business world your Interpersonal relationship skills will help you climb up the leadership ladder faster than your IQ and work skills. Emotional Quotient, also known as Emotional Intelligence (EI) is gaining its place as a key topic taught in the business world. This program will give you the skillsets to manage your emotions, increase your influence and elevate your relationships to the next level.

In this presentation, your audience will experience the following:

  • Identify the competencies and learn tips to increase your Emotional Intelligence
  • Discover how to manage your hot buttons and control your emotions under pressure
  • Master your relationships, know when and when not to use emotion at work.
  • Gain the skills to motivate people and become a more effective leader.

Three Secrets to Leading a High-Performance
Multi-Generational Workforce

With five generations in today’s marketplace and workforce, we are in a unique situation we’ve never been before. From communication differences to lifestyle habits and technology changes Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials all speak different languages. The best way to build both a strong team internally and a strong presence in the community is to find the common ground by building bridges through mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance.

In this presentation, your audience will experience the following:

  • Identify the Values, motivation and work ethics of the different generations for increased engagement
  • Discern how to share goals and connect with the different generations across the board
  • Gain tools to develop collaborative relationships leading to stronger teamwork and higher productivity

Dr. Karen Jacobson is a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Expert, as well as a Certified Behavior and 12 Driving Forces (12DF Analyst. She offers the opportunity to use DISC, 12 DF and EQ Assessments when working with her clients. She will customize and incorporate the info into presentations especially when delivering longe presentations as part of her High-Performance Training.