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Benefit from Dr. Karen Jacobson’s customized presentations

My goal as your speaker is to make your event a tremendous success.  As part of creating a take that is in-line with your event objectives I have developed a process that works effectively in aligning my talk with your desired outcomes:

Seven Steps of High Performance Events
  1. Pre-event organization call to identify and lay out the objectives that are specific to your audience.
  2. Pre-event video that you can show your attendees to build excitement for your event and boost attendance.
  3. Pre-event Provide an article to create excitement for the event. Clients usually use this for publications, blogs and newsletters.
  4. Pre-event meeting to conduct a microphone check and reconfirm objectives and meet with any key personal.
  5. At Event – Conduct a book signing with a personal autograph session and extra time for Q&A with attendees.
  6. At Event  – Spend the day at the event (when requested) to meet and greet with attendees and key personnel or hold special VIP session.
  7. Post Event review event to identify key points resonated with audience and provide a post event article.

Most Commonly requested keynote

The High Performance Reboot – The Secrets of Modern Day Super Achievers

Every top performer has to have a game plan. Success doesn’t just happen; it’s created thru planning, mindset and hyper focus.

Eliminate overwhelm, burnout and hitting the wall the lead to procrastination and diminished productivity.

Your audience will:

  • Master the 3D’s of high performance that lead to a winning mindset.
  • Discover 7 strategies to help you create habits of success.
  • Gain clarity and perspective and avoid distractions so you can maintain focus and improve your productivity.
  • Walk away with tips and tricks on reducing stress and rejuvenate.

Keynote, Breakout Session or Workshop Trainings

icons-01Secret Language of Results

The Secret Language of Results – Let Words Change Your Revenue

There are many ways in which you can communicate with the world around you, body language, voice and words. The words are only 7% of your communication the meaning behind them can have great impact. It starts with what you say to yourself and what you share with others. Discover the power behind your words and how your communication sets the stage for success.

Your audience will:

  • Use the 3P system to master the art of communication and connection.
  • Dramatically increase your value in the marketplace by understanding the relationship between consciousness, connection and communication.
  • Increase your bottom line with the small changes method.
  • Learn how to manage difficult situations and communicate under pressure.

icons-02High Performance Leadership

High Performance Leadership – Setting the P.A.C.E of a Leader

Leaders show up in different ways. The stronger and more centered you are within yourself the more you have the ability to influence those around you. You must first be able to lead your own life before you can lead others. Discover your inner leader and set the P.A.C.E that will lead your life in the direction of your dreams, your goals and your passions. 

Your audience will:

  • Uncover the P.A.C.E of  leadership and learn how to master your inner power
  • Discover how to stay on purpose and remain focused in the midst of chaos
  • Master the mindset and skills of the most inspirational and effective leaders
  • Learn to embrace the 4F’s that often hold leaders back and sabotage their success

icons-03Stop Running on Empty

Stop Running on Empty – Overcoming the Fast Pace Life

American lifestyle is a leading factor of top six preventable causes of death. According to a work stress survey conducted in 2013 by Everest College up to 83% of Americans are stressed at work. Chronic stress may lead to anxiety and burnout that can result in adrenal fatigue. It is a lifestyle health issue that can be managed as well as prevented. Ultimately providing a better atmosphere at work, healthier employees and improved productivity, not to mention cost savings on lost work as well as medical bills.

Your audience will:

  • Find out how to identify the signs of long term chronic stress and their effect on your health and performance.
  • Understand the role your lifestyle habits play in determining peak performance.
  • Learn three strategies to reduce stress improve your health and reach your goals.
  • Discover what top performers use to enhance performance, deal with competition and still stay at the top of their game.

High Performance Audiences

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