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High-Performance Reboot –Crack the Code of Today’s Super Achievers

Every top performer has a mission- one they have accepted. Success is created through planning, mindset, and hyperfocus. Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or hitting the wall, can lead to procrastination and diminished productivity- and who wants that? In this extraordinarily energetic keynote, former Israeli Army Commander, Dr. Karen Jacobson deciphers the stealth secrets of the processes behind those who rise up so you can elevate too.

  • In this presentation, your audience will experience the following:
  • Discover the strategies behind The High-Performance Triad that give you a winning edge
  • Learn how to overcome the pitfalls of the Four performance distractors so you can maintain your focus and improve your productivity
  • Conquer a high-performer mindset and attitude that keeps you motivated


…”I walked away with a list of actions I could use immediately ! Vicki M

High-Performance Triad Keynotes

High-Performance Leadership

Leading from the Frontlines – Set the P.A.C.E. of your Team

How are YOU showing up as a part of your team? As a leader? The stronger and more focused you are on your mission will give your team the ability to influence those around them and be a more effective member of the team. With Dr. Karen Jacobson, a former Israeli Army Commander, you’ll discover YOUR Inner leader and the set the P.A.C.E. that will lead your team toward higher performance and mission accomplishment  Read Full Description

High-Performance Language

High-Performance Communication- The Secret Language of Results

 There are many ways to effectively, proactively, and collaboratively communicate with the world around body language, vocal expression, and your word choices. The words you choose and the meaning behind them can become a driving force; starting with what you say to yourself and what you share with others.  Dr. Karen Jacobson brings her ground-breaking High-Performance Triad communication process to YOUR stage to help YOU:            Read Full Description

Talk to Me- Secrets to W.I.N the Inter-Generational Conversation 

With five generations in today’s marketplace and workforce, we are in a unique situation we’ve never been before.  From communication differences to lifestyle habits, Radio Agers, Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials all speak different languages.  From miscommunication and conflict to new ideas and technology changes, bridging the gap is key. The best way to build both a strong team internally and a strong presence in the community is to find the common ground by building bridges through mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance. My Keynote will show you how. Read Full Description

High-Performance LifeStyle

Stop Running on Empty – Overcoming the Fast Pace Life

The American lifestyle is a leading factor in top six preventable causes of death. According to a work stress survey conducted in 2013 by Everest College up to 83% of Americans are stressed at work. Chronic stress may lead to anxiety and burnout that can result in adrenal fatigue. It is a lifestyle health issue that can be managed as well as prevented. Ultimately providing a better atmosphere at work, healthier employees and improved productivity, Read Full Description

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