Hi-Tech or Hi-Touch? – Emotional Intelligence the language of Engagement

Your IQ or EQ – which one holds the power to help you become a more effective leader? In today’s business world your Interpersonal relationship skills will help you climb up the leadership ladder faster than your IQ and work skills. Emotional Quotient, also known as Emotional Intelligence (EI) is gaining its place as a key topic taught in the business world. This program will give you the skillsets to manage your emotions, increase your influence and elevate your relationships to the next level

Your audience will:

  • Identify the competencies and learn tips to increase your Emotional Intelligence
  • Discover how to manage your hot buttons and control your emotions under pressure
  • Master your relationships, know when and when not to use emotion at work.
  • Gain the skills to motivate people and become a more effective leader.

Dr. Karen Jacobson is a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Expert, as well as a Certified Behavior and 12 Driving Forces (12DF Analyst. She offers the opportunity to use DISC, 12 DF and EQ Assessments when working with her clients. She will customize and incorporate the info into presentations especially when delivering longe presentations as part of her High-Performance Training

I am a better leader for having met and engaged with Dr. Karen–she has re-energized my perspective on developing my team of leaders into a high-performance, innovative team of professionals!

Dr. Carl Forkner, Servant Leader, Veteran and Demntia Advocate.

As CEO of the Arizona Marketing Association, I’m always on the
lookout for excellent speakers. Dr. Karen Jacobson was fabulous!
She shared extremely valuable content in a very entertaining way.
Our members loved it!

Chuck Trautman, CEO AZ Marketing Association

Dr. Karen was the kick-off speaker of a leadership series. She had a packed house and left an amazing impression on the attendees. The session received very high marks and Dr. Karen energized the entire series which had the highest attendance in the program’s history.

Sukki Janke Program Director, Marketing and Event s Coordinator

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