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How do you play at the top of your game without being a slave to your business, compromising your relationships or sacrificing your
health and wellness?

The answer is by using the strategies in the
High-Performance Triad

While both peak performance and High-Performance require endurance and training there is a distinct difference between the two. After every peak performance, we tend to experience a low or a drop which is often compared to a valley. On the other hand high–performance is a state you can sustain and maintain over an extended period of time.

What does the High-Performance Triad have to offer in this process?

High-Performance Triad offers the ability to express your ultimate potential in business and in life on a consistent basis. It is the ability to constantly grow, achieve more and be more while still maintaining Dynamic Equilibrium without crashing and burning. While some people might call that balance, I believe that life has an ebb and flow. Balance signifies that there is no movement; on the other hand, Dynamic Equilibrium will allow more fluid changes in different areas of your life. At times you might need to invest more time and energy in one area of your life, scaling back on others. Once you complete the project or task, you circle back to the areas that may have been somewhat neglected.

The Three Values of High-Performance Triad

High-Performance Triad focuses the values of Leadership, Language and Lifestyle and provides strategies in key areas of mindset, skillsets and habits that are essential for you to play full out.

  • Leadership – The way you conduct yourself as an individual and the influence you have on others, your family, the community and the rest of the world.
  • Language – Your communication skills, your internal and external dialogues. What do you say to yourself and how do you interact with others.
  • Lifestyle – What are your lifestyle habits? Are you walking your talk? Are you living a life of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being?

The High-Performance Triad strategies are shared in Dr. Jacobson’s speaking and consulting programs and can be provided to individuals or groups.